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What Clients are Saying…


“Sheri's vision and personal involvement helped our team lift our eyes and move toward a fresh space which has encouraged our staff, enhanced our collaboration, and enlarged our impact.

-John Ogle, Director of Development, Luis Palau Association

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“Link2Lift has helped us develop a vision for our space that empowers staff, embodies our values, and changes the way that we partner, collaborate, and steward our space. Link2Lift has become a member of our team and provided expert technical assistance, giving us the confidence to completely re-envision how we work. I know that the outcome of this partnership will ultimately translate into innovation, synergy, and more life-saving health for the neighbors we serve here and around the world.”

-Martha Holley Newsome, President and CEO of Medical Teams International

“Link2Lift is leading the way to create greater collaboration and flourishing of organizations through the use of shared space.

-Steve Pringle, Executive Director at Kindred Partners

“Sheri was insightful, caring and honest. Not only was her insight incredibly valuable, she went above and beyond, continuing to follow up after the consulting relationship ended.”

-Jennifer Depner, CoLab NYC

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“Sheri Lozano and the Link2Lift team carefully listened to our needs for developing our open, non-profit space, then, with an architect and designer set in motion a transformation that is truly remarkable. Beyond the visual appeal, the space has become a place where like-minded leaders and staff collaborate for the common good. Tenants have become family and the office…a home.”

-Bill MacLeod, Executive Director of Mission Connexion

The Impact of Nonprofit Collaboration

Reduced Overhead and Shared Resources

“Having access to this space has allowed us to send more resources to our field operations… it has taken the burden off of our small team.”

-Emily Schwichtenberg, Compassion First

Reduced Isolation and Weariness

“Having a place to come work and interact with other nonprofits has given me vision and encouragement. I’ve already learned so much from other women in development.”

-Shandra Galloway, Cru