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Meet the Founders: 
Sheri & Sergio Lozano 

Sheri's journey of research and development was her sparked response to the growing need to create shared spaces for non-profits. She is the Co-Founder and Principal Consultant for Link2Lift, which has dedicated itself to creating collaborative spaces where non-profits can accelerate their work and their impact.

Sergio is a Senior Design Director and Innovator at Nike. Sergio and Sheri have the ability and passion for revitalizing underutilized space and enriching lives.


Start making room for better use of your space and
relationships for common good


Steward Your

your Impact

Improve Staff



Your facility is an opportunity for greater impact

Turn any commercial building or existing office facility into a Common Good Collaboration Center.


A better use of space and relationships

If you have a business or nonprofit with a great purpose and an underutilized facility or environment, then you are sitting on an opportunity for greater impact. GET STARTED

You see overhead, 
we see opportunity


A Common Good Collaboration Center™ is for you if you have an under-utilized space that you would like see reach its potential. Our projects seek to improve working relationships with staff, build a stronger culture that attracts next-generation talent and offset existing facility overhead.


A strategic asset

There are nonprofits in your community that are looking for strategic relationships and affordable office space. The Common Good Collaboration Model™ turns your under-utilized space into a strategic asset for common good. Steward the resources you have and accelerate your impact through nonprofit collaboration. 

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